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RAM 2500 Fire Rescue truck

  • $108.99
  • $108.99

The RAM brand is highly regarded, not only in the leisure sector. This pick-up is also used as the basis for a large number of commercial vehicles, as this model was developed as a heavy-duty pick-up truck by RAM. The RAM Fire Truck is the latest addition to the range of emergency service vehicles. Thanks to its spring-loaded axles and steering wheel extension, this fire service vehicle is ideal for off-road use.

With the newly developed tank system including mounted water cannon, it can reach fires that are difficult to access. For other sources of fire, a second hose can be connected to the water tank. The necessary tools and fire extinguishers can be stowed in the numerous compartments.

This detailed vehicle also includes a light and sound module. This fire truck can be supplemented with the bworld firefighter (item no. 60100) or the bworld fire station (item no. 62702).


Drivers cab

  • Doors can be opened


Automotive body

  • Storage compartments with doors on both sides
  • Space for pallets/pallet cages or other cargo on the loading area
  • Tailgate can be opened



  • Light and sound module (item no. 02802)



  • Rotating water cannon