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Monster Tail by Rainbow Loom

  • $6.30
  • $6.30
Product Details
  • Create Monster sized bracelets when you're on the go! This compact kit is designed for traveling and comes with a Monster Tail Loom that lets you create anything you can imagine.
  • The Monster Tail features 600 Latex Free Rubber Bands (mixed pack), 25 C-Clips, 1 Metal Hook, 1 Monster Tail Loom, 1 Mini Loom, and 2 Design Instructions
  • The Compact Design makes Monster Tail great for traveling
  • Monster Tail Loom allows you to make simple to elaborated "monster sized" bracelet designs
  • Easy step-by-step instructions of Single Band Quad fish and Criss Cross Quad fish
  • Ideal craft activity for ages 7+ that promotes fine motor skills and cognitive thinking.