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Fuzzy Bumblebee (15")

  • $51.99
  • $51.99
'Pardon me! I am a bee!'' the Bee said to the flower.

""May I trouble you for a grain or two of pollen at this hour?""The flower stood invitingly and swayed upon its stalk.

But the flower said nothing in response, for flowers cannot talk.""Hello?"" the Bumblebee re-said, ""I kind of feel ignored...""

But the flower kept its silence, for it had no vocal cords.How happy, then, the Bee became when, before its very eyes,

A human friend appeared and offered pollen-honey pies!!The moral is: befriend a Bee! Improve human-bug relations!

Flowers cannot talk, and thus are bad at conversation.

15 squishy inches of anthropomorphizing! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!

About the Designer
Ann F.

I am an English staff member at a unique, hard-to-describe youth theater in Japan! I graduated from The Ohio State University but I never stopped being a kid at heart. I love cute stuff so I'm truly living in my best timeline right now. I'm always on the lookout for insect, mushroom, and chicken merch.